The Princess and the Thief

The Princess and the Thief

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Thannu Mathiy By luckycharms Completed

After all the challenges, Arius, the Pharaoh of Egypt, has won. And being loved dearly by his people for his sense of equality and his desire to follow in the footsteps of the greatest Kings, Egypt reaches its peak of prosperity under his rule. With Alexandra standing by his side, and his children giving him confidence, things seem to be just fine for Arius. 

Then along comes Egypt’s greatest enemy, the King of Thieves. Returning to Egypt for the first time after Arius had chased him out, this rogue has some horrible plans for the next victim he bumps into... a playful, kind and beautiful young girl who happens to be the Princess of Egypt and Pharaoh Arius’ eldest daughter, Amunet.

But when Amunet manages a humorous escape from the killer, a potential death becomes the total opposite as their two lives come together and they start falling for one another.

And when Arius finds out, he has two options. To be a hypocrite, get his daughter away from this man and then kill him... or to let their forbidden love last, and have everyone be destroyed by neighboring countries who want this thief’s head as much as Arius does.

***** Sequel to The Prince and His Slave *****

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aalibabes aalibabes Mar 27, 2016
Geez, that's not going to help your economy, morale of population. Calm yo self!!
aalibabes aalibabes Mar 27, 2016
Actually they are equal in rank and besides the person correcting him is not equal in rank to the pharoah so he still should have shown respect even if his premise was incorrect
bandlover23425 bandlover23425 Dec 29, 2015
First Babylonia wa sin Mesopotamia and the Mesopotamian empire became weak with age then the Persians took over Mesopotamia
bandlover23425 bandlover23425 Dec 29, 2015
By the time that the Egyptian civilization was created the Babylonians wouldn't be alive be case the Assyrians took over the Babylonians and then the Chaldeans took over the Assyrians and then after the Chaldeans, the Persian empire took I've their weak one and made it apart of their empire
rbarton126 rbarton126 Aug 26, 2015
You know i was going to read other books, that i have pateintly waiting in my library, and then after i learned there was a sequeal just 5 minutes ago i was like omg i cannot wait to read the sequel and as for your other books they are too in my library,     p.s YOU ARE MY NEW FAVORITE AUTHOR.
luckycharms luckycharms Dec 06, 2012
@failingwithlove I will be updating it as soon as the new year starts!! =D! hehe!
                              @shinchae28 HEHE! I'm so glad you're looking forward to this!!! =D!
                              @QueenofFantasy LMFAOOO ;D I'm so glad you're excited! YAYY XDD 
                              I hope you all enjoy!!! =D