Supernatural X reader

Supernatural X reader

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Demons_of_Hell By Demons_of_Hell Updated May 27, 2015

   (So this is still a x reader story but it's not the imagines or preferences, I hope this is good)

    You woke up screaming, and sweaty. "Sam, Dean!" you yell. They ran into your room, and sat on both sides of your bed."What's wrong, (Y/N)?" Dean asks. Sam and Dean sat on your bed, and held you hands. "I had a nightmare, that a demon possessed me and I-I killed you both," you said studdering.

 You heard the flutter of wings," Hey Cas," you said, sniffling."Did you have another nightmare again.(Y/N)," Castiel said, standind still, face without emotion. You nodded."We'll find out what's wrong, and why you are having these nightmares," Dean said. "(Y/N), come here, please," Castiel said, gesturing for you to come. You did what you were told, you got up, and walked over to Cas, once you got there Cas embraced you into a hug. Dean knows you well, so he went out and got you some pie, and a bacon cheeseburger with extra diced onions.  

  When Dean came back you were on the couch in the ...

Yay all my friends think I'm weird because I like a lot of onions on my burgers.
YAAAAAASSSS!!!!!!!! DOCTOR WHOOOOO!!!!!!! Who's ur fav doctor? Mine's David Tennant (10th).
Whats said is next to supernatural that is actually my favorite show 😂😂😍😍
So here's the funny thing I hate burgers and pie so my replacement would be cake and a chicken sandwich with only mayonnaise.
Wow. He does know me well. But without the onions. Unless they were onion rings. In that case...
Everfandomatonce Everfandomatonce Sep 16, 2015
I AM SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE STALKING ME, Dean hand me that shot gun*cocks gun* lets.roll