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EXO fanfic: Awakening

EXO fanfic: Awakening

141K Reads 5.7K Votes 52 Part Story
Rin By JPGLayUnicornLove Updated Dec 21, 2018

Sunhwa is just an ordinary 17 year old that is turning 18 soon. She is bored with her life and she always skipped class and school as she find it boring... Due to her shy and quiet personality,  She has no friends.  But everything changes when her aunt was killed.. all depressed she decided to kill herseld as she had no one left not even friends... She jumps off a bridge thinking that she is better of dead. She woke up and you were in a room of 12 handsome and noisy guys... And suprisingly one of them claims to be your brother...  Not only that they are vampires.

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