Underestimated || ✓

Underestimated || ✓

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"Lucas. Let...me...go." I loosen my grip enough for her to breath but not enough to pull away.

 She stares at me with the blank look. She really has no emotions.

 "Are you done?" she quirks an eyebrow. 

"I thought you were not like the others, slut. This is why you wanted to take shit slow? So you can get rid of me to run back to him? He loves you huh? You must be real good in bed-"she rolls her eyes at me before she grab both of my cheeks with her left hand.

 "Such degrading words from such a beautiful mouth." And then then she slams her lips against mine. 


In darkness lived a dark queen in a dark palace with a dark crown. Nobody spoke of her because she lived in darkness and everybody was afraid. As time passed, with thoughts polluted by malice, they slept peacefully in their beds. Little did they know that as time passed, she grew. Darker heart, darker soul and darker crown.

I am Riona Maher, the heir of the Irish-Indian mafia empire. My father's only request was to join the Indian and Irish empires to form a supreme force. We own the US underground and our power is every other empire's wet dream. I am a 15 year old girl, a secret mafia queen, bullied at school and my dark heart let in a broken boy into it, so I am fucked. I am Riona Maher, this is my story and I'm usually underestimated.

This book is a part of a series of standalones. For better understanding of the world I suggest reading it in the order

Trigger warning, best for readers above 16.