Who You Really Are (Haikyuu - KageHina, BoyxBoy)

Who You Really Are (Haikyuu - KageHina, BoyxBoy)

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Gillian Xie (JellyBn) By BakedMPotato Updated Feb 18, 2016

Kageyama thought he already trusted his teammates, but does he really? When his traumatic nightmares from Junior High begin to crop up again, what will Hinata do when he has his own set of problems to deal with?

Warning: BoyXBoy 
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or original plot lines or any of the manga as a whole. Haikyuu!! and all it's contents belong strictly to Furudate Haruichi.

there is a wall-
                              --and apparently Hinata wants to be slammed to it ;)
Xaltinic13 Xaltinic13 Jul 19
Literally my life. No one's there. It's just the darkness, even my shadow is gone.
Audgey1t Audgey1t Nov 17, 2016
Can you like not make them say Japanese cuz 1. People don't know what it means or don't get it 2. Its fuckin stupid
*Quietly sits in the corner sipping a tea cup full of holy water* 
                              "Ahh today is a great day for a dirty mind"
0taco_ 0taco_ Dec 05, 2016
"That girl needs her priorities straightened out" 
                                    - Ronald Weasley
ccashmeree ccashmeree Jan 27
Ka-ge-ya-ma M-move FAStEr......OMG YES TOBIO!!! RIGHT THERE!! AHHH XD sorry had too