Perfectly In Your Arms

Perfectly In Your Arms

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Lauren Brooks By PrettyPinkRoses Updated Jun 13, 2017

Elizabeth Jesse Dawson , just a normal teenager. Well ... Thats what she thinks.

After being disowned by her 'father' leaves the hell hole she called home, after all who in their right mind would want to stay in a place where the person that was suppose to protect you abuses you after the only person that ever loved you dies. No one right? Right.

Anyway, she finds herself a house she can call her own by the woods. 

One night, she opens a door only to see a stranger all bloodied and passed out on her porch. Not really knowing what to do she decides to take him in her house. But this stranger isn't exactly normal.

Suddenly Elizabeth finds herself sucked into a world she thought only existed in books, where she finds secrets about her life and meets new friends along the way  but also makes some enemies ,  besides whats a story without enemies?

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