Cherik One Shots

Cherik One Shots

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Rycki By DeHaanedToDeath Updated Sep 29, 2014

Love was all Charles wanted

Romance/Tragedy T+


Erik and Charles had been dating on and off for a while. They shared nights of passion, sweet kisses and a mental relationship they both loved and regretted. Or rather, Erik regretted it.

The attraction he felt towards Charles was something he hated himself for allowing to happen. It would only make his last night here insufferable. Well, that depended on the night. If it was anything like tonight; Charles underneath him, spreading his legs like a whore, moaning in a way that would make porn stars jealous and having Charles' scream his name before they settled and fell asleep together, it wouldn't be so bad.

Erik looked down at Charles in his arms, hair still slightly damp from sweat, and swallowed hard. Leaving would possibly be the worst thing he could do, but it needed to be done.


"Forgive me..."

Charles looked up from his book to observe Erik standing in his doorway. He'd been so engross...

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Dreamer-To-Be Dreamer-To-Be Jan 15, 2016
Does the second mutation also make Charles have the female reproductive system?  If so, Charles is now pregnant!