Kidnapping The Princess  (Editing For Publication) (lesbian, girlxgirl)

Kidnapping The Princess (Editing For Publication) (lesbian, girlxgirl)

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YurikoHime By YurikoHime Completed

Say hello to the perfection of Cybele- tall, gorgeous, millionaire. She's a supermodel by day and a kidnapper extraordinaire at night. When she took Princess Talia from the castle one night, the whole country was sent into chaos. Princess Talia was the only successor to the throne, and her absence baffled the kingdom. Nobody knew that Cybele was the culprit, and no one would be able to guess her reason for it. Only she knew. Watch Cybele, both our hero and villain for the story as she struggles to fulfill her wishes while trying to keep her feelings for the Princess in check.

JhoanaJhoie98 JhoanaJhoie98 3 days ago
Its so awsome i reread this for 5 times.. i missed cybele and talia
This is my fifth time reading this. Ermahgerd. I wish I could forget it so I could read it all over again.
naniiwo naniiwo Sep 05
I don't know why but I imagined the princess as Asuna and the kidnapper as Sugou from SAO
naniiwo naniiwo Sep 05
Nah man, she's an alien who disguised herself as a giant walking pizza
Eminizer273 Eminizer273 Aug 07
This is like my eleventh time 
                              I just can't get tired I have to keep coming back :')