The Hot New Girl

The Hot New Girl

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A/N: pic of Lexi 

When her Dad told her they were moving to LA she thought he was just messing with her because she's always telling him she wants to go there one day either because she works there as an actress or just to visit. After he finally gets her to believe him, she was so excited to pack for LA. She was ready to go faster than he could say let's go. The minute they left she was even more excited to go. She thought about how she would make friends easily.

"Dad I can't believe we are actually going to the place I've always wanted to go," Lexi said as she sat in her seat on the plane. 

"I know sweetheart when I heard the promotion would take us there I knew I had to get that promotion for you," her Dad responded to her excitement.

"You got the promotion just so you could take me to LA."

"Yes I did. Is there something wrong with that sweetheart?"

"Kind of you should've gotten it because it's better for both of us not just to take me to LA."

Lexi's POV

We finally landed af...

lexiscr3 lexiscr3 Aug 29
No no I didn't mean it like that I'm sorry if it does seem like that but I didn't mean that it came out that way
NY to LA is a 6 hour and 25 min flight. Just helping You out😊 I know this because im writing a book on draft and my main character moved from NY to LA too😊
KaseyT3 KaseyT3 Apr 24
Hopped off the plane at LAX 
                              With my dream and cardigan 
                              Welcome to the land of fame excess
                              Am I gonna fit in
She's very pretty (I think that's Sofia Vegara) but imma imagine her as Barbara Palvin.
Sam and Dean ?? You better get out of that house if the impala is there
But that doesn't mean blondes are stupid. Is she saying she's not like most blondes? I don't like it when people do that. She's just said that she may be blonde but she's not like rest of the 'stupid' blondes