Peter Pan

Peter Pan

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Peter Pan

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It was as he was flying above the rooftops over Kensington Road in London that Peter Pan first spotted the beautiful Wendy Darling in her bright blue ruffles and fetching white laced hat.  She was walking with another girl and twirling her dainty parasol to the side and not above her head like she was supposed to.  

In fact in the precisely seventeen and half minutes Peter had been spying on the girl, as she traipsed along the fashionable trail of Hyde Park during the midday stroll, she had nearly hit three unsuspecting men with her twirling and one old biddy of a grandmother type all huff and nonsense.  The woman practically had the thing poked in her eye by the girl, so of course Peter could understand the growling reprimand associated with such an accident. 

However, it was Wendy's shocked and blushing apologies that caught his attention.  For though she was most decidedly sorry for nearly maiming each of her victims, her gi...

Hey I'm 16! There is hope for my illogical fantasies. It's interesting to see the characters aged up
disneyfan24 disneyfan24 Nov 03
I'm 17 so close in age :) I am glad she is snobbish but it's not nice to laugh when you nearly hurt someone but that's ok I suppose
"I got tired of waiting,wondering if you were ever coming along,..........."
                              T. Swift song ,applies t this situation😊
*cough* strawberry blonde *cough*
                              Anybody get the reference?
For this, i there should be an exclamation mark because he's scared that wendy will see him. If you use just a period then i get the idea of him just saying (or thinking) this in a monotone way.
BookGirl03 BookGirl03 Aug 24
Why is only red hair considered pretty! I'm stuck with straw color!