Liar [Maze Runner Fanfiction]

Liar [Maze Runner Fanfiction]

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kicked awol By soldtheworld Updated Apr 04, 2015

Subject A0, Elizabeth - The Liar

Elizabeth has no idea who she is, what she is, and why she suddenly appeared in the Glade in a metal box. With no recollection of her past, she find herself in the middle of forty teenage boys, a shifting Maze and a big mystery to solve.

Until that mystery is cracked.

Amidst struggling as the only girl in a group of boys, being treated as a biohazard, sorting out her feelings for a certain blonde-haired boy, Elizabeth manages to find out about WICKED's plans, the experiment, and the reason why the Gladers were put there in the first place.

WICKED has never seen a test subject do this before, and will do anything to keep the secret from leaking out, lest it ruin the entire experiment.

Elizabeth will have to make a choice: to tell the truth or save her friends. And that choice could be the crossroad of life and death. The most important variable. The biggest decision. The fate of the Glade.

Nobody likes a liar.


I'm new to wattpad, how do you make a section to write down he cast?
BuzzKillz BuzzKillz Apr 17
Everyone saying newt but I was thinking about Newt in Hell because he SOOOO FUCKIN HOTTTTT
gryffindorrs gryffindorrs Dec 03, 2016
Okay but this preview is so intense, like "Nobody likes a liar" is gENiUS
Black_Onyx18 Black_Onyx18 Mar 06, 2016
1) CARA DELEVIGNE and 2) I can already tell that this story is amazing and also CARA DELEVIGNE AS ELIZABETH OH MY BLURF
oonahh oonahh Jan 18
it said he smirked and i started blushing and smiling like 0v0
Anne_Abigail Anne_Abigail Nov 08, 2016
...well... Now he's 26 and he looks like he's only 16 or 17.
                              When he was 16 he looked like he was eleven or twelve years old.
                              That is pretty confusing... 😳