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This is how I think Allegiant should have ended. They deserved a life. And family. They went through too much. So here is my idea of how it should have ended:
Tris prior survived the weapons lab and tobias saved her. What will they do now? Will they live in peace now that the factions have been reinstated? What happens when a new group called the defiant start preparing fOr a war? The friends and family they thought dead start showing up alive. How? Who else is alive? What happens when a little bit of family shows up in tobias' life. What happens when a girl shows up tris never thought she would meet? Can they really trust the defiant? What will tris and Tobias do now that they also have a family to look after. Can they ever really be safe? 

All rights to Veronica Roth. I don't own any of the characters or ideas.

I actually still miss Al. I cried when he died. Also when will did because of how tris and Christina reacted. But I didn't cry when tris died because of my STUPID FRIEND WHO SPOILED IT FOR ME
I acc hate veronica for killing tris . Thats why im reading fanfiction so i can just pretend that this is how it ends
                              Hold up. There's a variable
                              V=Veronica Roth 
                              V kills 6. V=bad
I wish I could put this all together into one huge rant but okay. Reply if you agree. Don't be a pansycake and live on *sitting here balling out my eyes because of Uriah's death and others* STUPID ROTH!!!!!!! 😱😱 🚫 oh sorry didn't see the sign pardon my language 😳
moosterfur moosterfur Nov 11, 2016
I love this book but everyone is very open and says what's on their mind
LifeasTris LifeasTris Apr 03, 2016
His worst fear came to life, losing Tris.
                              Too many feels and tiers.
                              I'm going to go and jump over a cliff now bye.