Entirely Mine (manxboy)

Entirely Mine (manxboy)

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Ash By vacancy_lot Updated Jan 21, 2016

Eighteen year-old Shane Kimmel leads a relatively normal life. As a closeted gay, he spends his nearly friendless days just trying to keep his grades up. So when he's invited to a huge party, it takes a lot to convince him to attend. 

Alexander West is a twenty-three year-old, cold-hearted dominant. He has money, he has power, and he has taken an intense interest in Shane. So it's no surprise that the party is really a ploy to capture him and make Shane his own. But not to worry. West promises that no real harm will come to Shane. 

As long as Shane acts like a proper submissive, that is.

[WARNING: Contains mature language and master/sub content]

  • bdsm
  • boyxman
  • dominant
  • lgbt
  • slave
  • submissive
StereotypicalSkeptic StereotypicalSkeptic Apr 04, 2017
that awkward moment when you can't relate to all the teenagers on this website , but still try to be hip with the youngsters so yeah I know right,
MoriahMcNeal MoriahMcNeal Nov 02, 2017
YES!!! SHANE DAWSON😎......oh wait😶......nevermind😔!!!!
MiguelBelcon MiguelBelcon Nov 01, 2017
Don't really like birthdays, it's both a blessing and curse since it's like a countdown to my death 😧
sheybae63 sheybae63 Sep 16, 2017
"It's not that kind of party" was my nigga thinking of lemon party?!😂
There's 21 comments on the next paragraph and it's so fitting I don't want to ruin it.
MoodyFries MoodyFries Dec 08, 2016
Technically a five floor house would be in the world record book, you only find 4 story houses in rich people land such as Las Vegas, where the entire town is too rich to think straight.