The Holiday of Nightmares (TodoShinDeku Halloween AU) {ON HOLD}

The Holiday of Nightmares (TodoShinDeku Halloween AU) {ON HOLD}

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Yaoi Enthusiast By wen_ur_actual_trash Updated Aug 28

It was just supposed to be like every other Halloween for Shinso, Todoroki, and Midoriya.

Turns out this wasn't the case once everything started to come to life. Cosplayers turning into the real deal, people dressed up in traditional "scary" costumes like vampires and ghosts becoming so. 

That night, on October 31st, everything went to shit for Class 1A, and their normal seeming world wasn't so normal anymore.

How we're these three boys supposed to handle things, especially when on top of all of the chaos, some strange men with immense powers was added to the huge pile of problems for them?

Eee, a holiday based book? How weird. Well, let's see how this goes! You would not believe what I have in store for y'all, so stay tuned!! 

I do not own Boku no Hero or it's characters, nor do I own the images used in this story and Halloween. All credit goes to creators of such masterpieces, as the plot is the only thing I own! ;D


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