Candles and Roses (Sexual Offenderman x Reader) LEMON

Candles and Roses (Sexual Offenderman x Reader) LEMON

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♐ Julia ♐ By GreySnowflake11 Updated Feb 20, 2016


The fanfiction you are about to read includes a lemon.

A lemon is a fanfiction in which includes sexual content such as intercourse. If you are under the age of 15, please read this at your own risk.

Any chance I could change the scent to cherry or maybe raspberry while reading it? XD
venknox venknox Jul 29
My hair is way to short to be In a bun...
                              BUT ILL ROLL WITH IT
Lay it on me I'm 13 and I have read more than 100 lemons lay it on me
RJ603rainbow RJ603rainbow Dec 20, 2016
Instering fact! When your skin dose that it's actually adjusting to the aquatic setting and shrivels up, so you can grip things!!!😁
neko_otaku1 neko_otaku1 Dec 06, 2016
I LOVE CINNAMON CANDLES (wow my comments are gonna be weird XD)
I would have been like "Awww man.....welp time to go back to bed" and just slammed the door closed and locking it that would be me right there