"Good Girl" (l.r.h)

"Good Girl" (l.r.h)

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Her hand slowly moved down to my manhood and my breathe quickened. She smirked bringing her lips to neck, then traveled them up letting her hot breathe hit my ear, "You know Luke," her hand slid over my manhood and I bit my lip, "Good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught."


All the boys needed to do was write a song. That's it, write a song and they'd get out of high school, and continue their tour. That's not so difficult. Just one song and it's bye-bye Texas. Yet, some of the boys get a little too caught up in the whole high school "experience". 

And Luke's got his eyes on a pretty "experience" with platinum blonde hair. 


Me when I walk in the kitchen and there's freshly baked cookies 😊
I was so excited like OMG YAY A NEW BOOK and then i saw the name and i was shook for a while till i reread it.
- - Oct 26, 2016
I feel like I'm most fanfics I read luke falls in love and gets his heart broken
matwellda matwellda Dec 31, 2016
As soon as I saw that name i rolled my eyes and stopped reading
danisuess danisuess Oct 01, 2016
Just to let you guys know I wrote this story wayyyy before arazlea or what ever the hell her name came into the picture😂 ****Azalea is the real MVP
kyjxyh kyjxyh Nov 22, 2016
I don't hate Asparagus, but I'm not saying I love her either 😂