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Black Veiled Loving (Andy Biersack x Reader

Black Veiled Loving (Andy Biersack x Reader

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_bvb_army_always By _bvb_army_always Updated Jan 14, 2016

After13 long years of bullies,fucked up relationships,betrayals,heartbreaking,tears of blood,scars that will never heal,concerts,and not to mention blowing you're ear drums out with the most amazing music on planet earth you and your best friend ,(bff/n) have finally graduated school and are surprised to find that both of you are invited to the end of the year part thrown by the 'populars' of school. You reluctantly are pushed to go by (bff/n) after arriving to the party you and your friend are soon seperated.after an unlilkly turn of events take place you find you're self in a bedroom that's not yours as well as a strange man you don't know anything about not to metion the fact his face is hiden by a hood. you quickly leave only to run into him a few weeks later after a few years of begging pleading he finally reveals his true identity but will it change ur friendship? will he risk it all for you? dose he have feelings for you? if so will he admit? or will he leave you behind to keep u out of the living hell he gos though called fame?

PierceThe_Way PierceThe_Way Aug 05, 2016
My best friend says that all the time about emo when people call her or me emo
kamosep kamosep Aug 21, 2015
I've said it before and I'll say it again ANDY IS A SEXY CHINSAW
IceyKiwi IceyKiwi Jun 25, 2015
Uh...can you put correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization please? It's really hard to read.
silver-sirens silver-sirens May 06, 2015
OH my god my real name is Kristin . but I'm not a prep. I am a batman freak :) and I'm a part of the BVB army.
FallenDarkAngelsxoxo FallenDarkAngelsxoxo Feb 18, 2015
When I saw sexual content I was like AWWWWW YEAHHH! Lol I'm so weird
The_Rebel_Angel The_Rebel_Angel Jan 31, 2015
Anyone else gonna have hearing problems because of this exact reason? I know I already do XX