We're Mates? (boyxboy, warewolf)

We're Mates? (boyxboy, warewolf)

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happily_ever_after_x By happily_ever_after_x Updated Dec 17, 2014

"I caught sight of my mate and started running the last few steps. However, the moment I touched his arm, I knew that it was a bad move. Sparks flew through my body: from the tip of my toes to the top of my head, making me shiver in anticipation. I wanted more, but certainly not as much as my wolf. He was pacing and clawing his way inside me, trying to compel me to mate with Memory right there. “You know you want to.” He said. “You want to feel him against you. You want to touch every part of him. You want to hear him moan your name.” He kept on going and going like a broken recorder. But I didn’t deny any one of those. Its true, I wanted all of that and even more. However, I love Memory enough to put my powerful urges aside and focus on him."

After several years of searching for his mate, Jake - the soon to be alpha- almost gave up on finding her all together. With the lack of money and hospitality he recieves from other clans, Jake's life couldn't get any worse. But with unexpected events, Jake met Memory - a handsome, smart and TAKEN boy. With Memory, he feels the same attraction - maybe even more - as he would have with his mate. Jake knows that two boys mating is unnatural. But he couldn't help it... its quite obvious that Jake is hopelessly in love with him, but does Memory feel the same way?

As for Memory, his life was much more easier before Jake showed up. Now, he questions his sexuality and his love for his girlfriend. He knows that if he gets together with him, his life would change completely. But can Memory risk change for Jake? Or will he just ignore the strong attraction that he feels towards him?

BOYxBOY ACTION! There will be swearing and naughty parts in this story. 

Hope you like it :3

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Bruh chill! Dang! Is he gonna leave u for food!? Is he gonna leave for his bed?! He cant go on da date dumb trash!😒
Wait how do you pronounce his name ? Is it like Memory like when you remember something ?
Lol I laughed but seriously you must have meant contents not continents.
Like stupid you saw his Id it must have said it on there didn't it?
AmryMae AmryMae Jun 29
This bartender definitely doesn't know personal space. 
                              Also, "I'm looking for someone" sounds like a line from a suspense movie