The Devil Within: Looking for Beta Readers

The Devil Within: Looking for Beta Readers

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Aditya Sundararajan By PenWielder Completed

The Tetralogy:
Eight friends and two allies from a secret society are embroiled in the schemes of a mysterious power-hungry mastermind, and in their quest to find why, discover horrifying truths about their families and their town.

The Devil Within:
Crime is a precedent in the Indian town of Chanakyanagar. So, when a brazen attack unfolds, the police suspect that the yesteryear gangster -- a man people revere to this day as God -- is back after seventeen years of dormancy. Meanwhile, at work in the town's deepest bowels is a faceless predator that believes in seeking vengeance through one's temptation to sin.

In the eye of this brewing storm are two best friends eager to start college and move on from their horrific, paradoxical past; a mysterious woman massing an army of vigilantes; a junior lawyer and a journalism student exploring the town's divisive history; and two college-entrant emerging musicians locked in a battle that could break friendships, families, and their future.

As their paths collide and burn, fueled by devious lies, ugly family secrets, entrenched scandals, and shocking motivations, a darker future lurks where survival is possible only by succumbing to the devil within.

If you could comment on your thoughts as you read, it will help me in improving the book! If you'd like to make things more formal, you can sign-up to be my beta reader on my website (link in bio).