My Abused Mate

My Abused Mate

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Ariana Gaines By ArianaGaines Updated Jul 08

Lina Cortez is a 17 year old were-wolf that was being abused by her father. 

Alpha Angel Black is a 18 year old were-wolf that is searching for his mate. 

What will happen when these two cross paths. Will she love him, or will she run and hide.

Quick note that ever once in awhile you put he were I think you ment me my or I
When he said that I thought 
                              How many times do I have to tell you
                              Even when you cry you are beautiful too
YouAintHaveJams YouAintHaveJams Apr 25, 2016
I was going to give you a nasty look... But I see you already have one. (CREDITS TO WATTPAD)
BackupWeirdo BackupWeirdo Jul 07, 2016
A good way to get the relief without cutting is drawing pretty things on yourself and it really helps
Earthstone Earthstone Mar 29, 2016
Okay no offense but I'm a bit weirded out but this....... My name is Kat O.o
rainbow19blunts rainbow19blunts Aug 30, 2016
I actually read and I quote
                              'I turned around and seen the most MOISTEST girl ever Cat'
                              Lol like wtf