Crush Your Innocence - Love Stage FanFiction

Crush Your Innocence - Love Stage FanFiction

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My Name Is Alyssa By Yaoi_Freak_RightHere Updated Jul 16, 2016

Izumi Sena was the new student at Dax High School, the son of the president at Sena Industry, with his eyes set on anime and manga, Izumi keeps to himself.

Until he meets the legendary Ryouma Ichijou, the bad boy of Dax, yet even when Izumi pushes the supposedly straight Ryouma away, the boy keeps clawing back in.

Ryouma's job is simple, gain the trust of Sensei Sena's son and then crush him.

Sounds easy right?

Well when you suddenly receive unexpected feelings for the innocence your supposed to corrupt, it's safe to say no.

It is NOT easy.

Not one bit...

Besides, the deadly serpent lies under the innocent flower before the attack...

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itsbakugoubich itsbakugoubich Aug 26, 2016
He then kicked him in dah face....and Izumi was scared....bit greatful.
itsbakugoubich itsbakugoubich Aug 25, 2016
I've read the actual poor childhood, gone. All those pictures in that comic are stuck in there....I'm scared...
BipolarStrangeWriter BipolarStrangeWriter Jan 23, 2015
I absolutely love how you started this! So far, I feel like squealing my head off while tackling everything I see. Crazy, right? Ha ha, well anyways, this is great! I will continue on reading this story, just felt that I had to tell you how well I thought this was before continuing on he he x3