Fairy Tail Beach Party (NaLu, GaLe, GrUvia, RoWen, MiraXus, JeRza)

Fairy Tail Beach Party (NaLu, GaLe, GrUvia, RoWen, MiraXus, JeRza)

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Diya By wildlionlife Updated Oct 27, 2014

Okay guys so I'm writing a new fan fic but like the name describes it this story is essentially about fairy tail and the beach but there will also be at the begining some action fights...Lucy will become stronger during that periode 

I hope you like the story



Lucy's P.O.V

'Three days after the GMG'

I walked over to masters office, i had taken my descition there was no turning back now. I knocked on the door and waited

"Come in" I heard, I slowly oppened the door and went in with a sad expretion

"What's wrong my child ?" Master asked

I put on a brave face and said "Master i wish to leave fairy tail", This shocked him

"Why, my child ?", he asked/screamed

"I wanna become stronger so that i won't need to be the princess that needs saving" i replied

"My child you are already strong, but if that is what you wish than let it be so", he answered while removing my guild mark. I nodded an...

O... my... goddess at least eat strawberry cakes I mean they r rly good
Lol I love how you said present future and past instead of past present and future XD
Me: Am I in heaven? 
                              Friend: Why would you go to heaven? You'd burn in h- 
                              Me: THATS ENOUGH! I WAS JUST ASKING A GENERIC QUESTION!!!
mrdude1125 mrdude1125 Aug 12, 2016
Me: *going on with my everyday life*
                              Me: *read this part of book*
                              Friend: oh God no.
                              Me: can you punch me? Either I'm dead or the world is about to end brutally.
Okaythisistooformaland you couldhaveatleastmakeitintoacoupleof chapters
DemonCupcakes DemonCupcakes Nov 24, 2015
Am I dead? Erza isn't t eating cake and their not fighting...