Lost in the Music [1] - (NEW VERSION AVAILABLE)

Lost in the Music [1] - (NEW VERSION AVAILABLE)

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M  A  I  R    H  A  Y  E  S By cherryade22 Completed

[Completed but editing] Once reached #240 

'That moment when you have only a split second to decide something that could mean life, or death, is one of the most important moments in your life. You only have that one minute, that one second to decide what's going to happen next.
She was only eight. And although I didn't count fifteen as an old age, there was a difference between us. She still had her whole life ahead of her and I had messed mine up already.'

There is nothing in the world that Katrina Johnson would like more than a happy family, a mother, a safe place to live. However all of this seems very far from reach as she trails through the typical Monday mornings and the weekends which seem even worse. Those weekends are when they go out into the night. Those long nights are when she wishes that she could go to bed without locking her door, or walk out of school without worrying about who might be waiting, or that her brother didn't start a gang, because that is when all the trouble seem to begin...

~Written by Mair Hayes (cherryade22)    © All rights reserved.

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auburngirl97 auburngirl97 May 03, 2015
I'm really scared to read this, because I don't want to cry when one of my favorite characters die....
badoverload badoverload Oct 23, 2014
Havnt found a good book in FOREVER! So I'm really excited! One question tho.... Is there any romance!?????? I'm a sucker for love stories or any romance!
RoseBlossom79 RoseBlossom79 Aug 05, 2014
Was drawn to your title since I'm a music fan.. But I also see adventure and mystery in this book which I look forward too. Just kind of confused on your character situation in your prologue. ..I take it someone is gonna jump with another off a cliff... guess I'll find out who later.
- - Jul 22, 2014
I love the idea of your story either way, but I'm curious. Does this involve music? I know it's in the title, but the description didn't say anything about music. I don't know if the title is just an expression or something like that..,
liliakosjakina liliakosjakina Dec 04, 2013
The story is amazing! I love it. Keep up the amazing work you do. Its sooo good!! <3
cherryade22 cherryade22 Jan 13, 2013
@Shady234 thank you, I'm glad that you are going to read on and I hope you like the rest of my book :-)