I'm Back Bitches (Slowly Rewriting)

I'm Back Bitches (Slowly Rewriting)

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Alex By FrolickingInHell Completed

16 Year Old Drea Mull had been bullied for her whole life. Her pack members and even humans were afraid to befriend her, scared that they would be bullied themselves. Even her own brother was revolted by her, even her parents were clueless to the torment their daughter faced. She was alone.

After finding out that her very own Alpha is her mate, he rejects her.  Broken and angry, Drea runs away and stumbles across another pack, where she finds new friends and allies.

Will going back to her old pack with a new assignment help her and her mate? Or will it sever their bond even more?

I AM SLOWLY RE-WRITING THIS BOOK! I have gotten so many confused comments because people have not fully understood this with the many reminders at the beginning of most chapters. I will repeat: I AM S-L-O-W-L-Y RE-WRITING THIS BOOK.

Signe_weird Signe_weird Nov 07, 2016
Omg my best friend's Anne is Andrea but i Call her Drea for short😂😂
MrsIsaac670 MrsIsaac670 Jul 07, 2016
Lmao well... very original. I like that she wasnt a sissy about it
kammy_hart kammy_hart Jan 17
I thought it said fish pine 😳😳😳 I was like what the- then I re-read the sentence again. My bad 😂😂
freeforevaz freeforevaz Jun 19, 2016
Damn...that was the best thing to say😍😍😂😂👏👏👏👏
shadow_spirit_ shadow_spirit_ Jul 08, 2016
I was listening to this song when I was reading this part half way towards the end of the song
Finally?!  If his ass was that hungry then should've fixed his own damn breakfast.