The Puppeteer | Mafia Romance & Espionage Thriller

The Puppeteer | Mafia Romance & Espionage Thriller

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The Mafia Gal By The_Mafia_Gal Completed

The shadowy world of the Russian Mafia is rarely a welcoming one to those who unwittingly stumble into it. For most it means death, but for a few it spells a fate far worse.
When Sophie Akehurst, a beautiful and astute politics student who moonlights as a bartender at the London Savoy, inadvertently bears witness to the secretive dealings of the Vor V Zakone, she gets mercilessly dragged into a sinister world ruled over by a powerful consortium of underworld barons whose ties stretch to the highest echelons of power - from the White House to the Kremlin.
Sold as a toy to the highest bidder, Sophie finds herself at the mercy of Alexei Ronov, an elusive baron of the secret arms trade. But Ronov proves himself to be a man of many faces - and just as many secrets. And in a world of high-stakes power games, such secrets can lead to the unlikeliest of alliances.

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