The Blind Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail OC Fanfic)

The Blind Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail OC Fanfic)

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Stevie By elementalmayhem Updated Jul 05

It is the year x792 and the next Grand Magic Games is coming up. A small and unknown guild is about to become known to the kingdom of Fiore. The team of this guild is lead by a powerful and blind Dragon Slayer. Their team is ready for the GMG and ready to even find love along the way. 

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New cover by LeScarr.

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BTStrashx3 BTStrashx3 Aug 18
"Phoenix Feather"... In chapter 1 you named it "Pheonix Talon" soooo whats with that?
Wait.....if there's Hikaru.....then where's Kaoru???.........KISS, KISS, FALL IN LOVE!!!! OHSHC FO LIFE!!!!
So! I'm 18, never had my first kiss and I'm a virgin, lolol. I'm as rare as a unicorn
Ayanna400 Ayanna400 Jun 14
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh A TWIN WR NEED KAORU ON SET NOW!!!!! *starts singing softly* kiss kiss fall in live.
This guild is just FULL of good looking people, how are they not popular?😂
Lyla231 Lyla231 Aug 27
Hikaru go back to school and stay with your brother so you both make Tamabaka go to his gloom corner