Spark Search[PewdieCry]

Spark Search[PewdieCry]

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Cryaotic, Felix, and everyone else in all parts of the planet of Htrea, are getting ready for 90 days of sparks. This is Cry's first time going out to search for his soulmate, but he's ready and willing to do anything to find them. This will be Pewds second time journeying out to find his soulmate. Everyone knows these journeys are hard and dangerous, but everyone is willing to do it. It's the only way.
Cry and Pewds live on the other side of the world from eachother, and don't even know the other. Can they do it, can they make it across the world to eachother? What would you do? What would you do if you had an undying urge to be with someone, would you go and find that person? What if finding them, was the only way to gain longevity? Would you go out, face all odds, and in the end, feel the spark between that one person, you've been dying to feel?
Pewds and Cry are going to do just that! Will they find eachother before 90 Days Of Sparks end? Or will they be alone and without love forever, and have to suffer growing old and dying, while their friends and family enjoy long lives? Find out, in this pewdiecry fanfic, Spark Search!

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