The Roommate || Clace

The Roommate || Clace

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Wise Girl By weirdfangirlingnerd Updated Jul 24, 2016

Clary comes from a rich family that she mostly hates. And the feeling is mutual. So, she tries not to rely on them when she is finally set free to college. Yes, most of her money comes from saved allowances, but that doesn't matter. 

She lived in a two bedroom apartment with her best friend, Simon. But alas, Simon moves out to live with his girlfriend, Isabelle. 

Clary finds a new roommate. Jace, Isabelle's adoptive brother. He is annoying and infuriating and beautiful. 

Clary and Jace's personalities clash, but that's not enough to keep them away from each other. But does Jace have an ulterior motive to their friendship?

Clace AU

Y'all imma be real here I update like every 4 months tbh I'm trash and so is this story

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1304_rori 1304_rori Dec 29, 2017
I’m 5’3 and much shorter than most of the people in my homeroom, so yeah I can relate
KyleighKoepp KyleighKoepp Jun 30, 2017
I see what you did here and that's adorable you. Yours doing c+j except different
hannahMSK hannahMSK Jun 25, 2016
Magnus is always the one to interrupt. I'm pretty sure he said the same thing to Will and Tessa?
weirdfangirlingnerd weirdfangirlingnerd Oct 11, 2014
Ok I'm working on the next chapter but I'm kinda busy but it'll definitely be up by some time tomorrow. Thanks for commenting!