A Werewolf and a Human [1] Stiles Stilinski

A Werewolf and a Human [1] Stiles Stilinski

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Brittany By TeenWolfHuman Completed

Sabrina McCall is Scott's twin sister. The McCall twins knew everything about one another. Scott even knew about Sabrina's crush on their best friend, Stiles Stilinski, but...there was one secret that she had been keeping from her friends and family for six years.

She was a werewolf.

But her secret comes out when her twin gets a werewolf bite that has left him with the same supernatural powers she has. The only difference is...he can't control his. With the help of Stiles, Sabrina and Derek, the three embark on a wild adventure on keeping their identities a secret, outrunning werewolf hunters and trying to survive their sophomore year of high school.

[Seasons 1 & 2]
[Sabrina's plot belongs to me]
[Published September 15, 2014]
[Edited Feb. 2017]

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Cloeylynch Cloeylynch Aug 24, 2017
Sadly this is literally me plus most of the wattpad population
caristilinski caristilinski Aug 07, 2017
"Small town where nothing interesting happens " BitCh U ThOUghT
RebeccaGrull RebeccaGrull Nov 28, 2017
If she'd been a werewolf for years, wouldn't she know the scent of Stiles and know it was him outside her house?
MissTeenyTiny MissTeenyTiny Aug 07, 2017
I like that it's not in first like a lot of the other teen wolf fanfics where Scott has a sister
BiIesBiIinski BiIesBiIinski Feb 09, 2017
If Derek is 4 years older then them, he taught  her how to be a werewolf at age 14