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Bullied to a Werwolf's Mate?

Bullied to a Werwolf's Mate?

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Lovergirl1300 By Lovergirl1300 Completed

Rosaline Cathwood is a nobody. A loser. A nothing to anyone or anything in anyway, shape or form. Her story starts with her parents and sister beating her up then her school follows and she is blamed for something she didn't do. Her life is miserable and she believes it with a passion.

Now add in Ryder Lockhart a possessive cocky and player-looking guy. Even if he looks like one, he isn't a player. Heck he hadn't even kissed a girl yet, at least purposely. He accidentally kissed a stranger when they plowed into each other. He starts to attend Rosaline's school with his pack. Yes, he is a werewolf and the alpha if the Moonlight Pack. He sees the girl that everyone bullies and he can't help, but get angry.

What does he do when he realizes the girl that is bullied is his mate? What about Rosaline? Will Rosaline accept what is to come or will she run away in fear of being duped?

Authors Note: the last name Lockhart has nothing to do with Harry Potter.

Travel-girl0825 Travel-girl0825 Mar 15, 2016
Every time I read a werewolf book I feel like if I were in that situation I would know what to do because I read too many wattpad books
Im_more_than_insane Im_more_than_insane Oct 30, 2016
Dude don't you see how fragile she is! Don't scream out mine you'll scare her away! Be calm and gentle and you'll lure her in
TVDDessire TVDDessire Nov 20, 2016
Same. I swear someone would first choose crystal meth and cocaine combined than me 😔🔫
wolfmoondust wolfmoondust Feb 07, 2016
i read the dicrption ( i'm bad at spelling=.=) and when i saw lockhart the first thing i thought was harry potter
AshIrwinisadorable AshIrwinisadorable Feb 05, 2016
Can everyone check out my story its called the 30 reasons why I'm an Ashton Irwin girl
Do people actually think like that or is it exaggerated in the book