Do I Frighten You?  [Harry Styles] Wattys2016

Do I Frighten You? [Harry Styles] Wattys2016

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Sometimes, there is something holding me back from from being myself and a bitter person, but you, something about you makes me feel alive. -	Harry

Amelia Danton 18 years old and living in Middlewich has a great life, with her mother, she is a high school student good grades, and perfect attendance until one night changed her life forever. She meets the 18 year old drop out, The dark and dangerous Harry Styles. It's hard for him to keep away from her, but he doesn't know his past is following behind him. A dangerous fog. 

Will that affect her? Will Harry over come his situation? What will happen.  Read and find out. 

Warning: Sexual content, a lot of Vulgarity, Abusive content, and tragic moments. 

Copyright © 2014  Keona Styles

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harrys-loser harrys-loser Jul 31, 2017
nobody deserves to get raped/sexually harassed/anything like that hhh
OhThatsYoNiggq OhThatsYoNiggq Aug 19, 2016
Wow, if one little annoying thing makes you doubt your friendship then you prolly weren't best friends to begin with.
OhThatsYoNiggq OhThatsYoNiggq Aug 19, 2016
I clean all of the time, I would have that shît done in under 15. Yet my parents would never be out of town.
Harhsorty Harhsorty May 27, 2016
I feel like you are the best writer ever and this story is so good
liamthelovely liamthelovely Feb 15, 2016
Hey! This is really good. I have a fanfic and I was wondering if you could go check it out! Thanks!
OhThatsYoNiggq OhThatsYoNiggq Aug 19, 2016
Yeah 'just to be nice' ik how you feel. I'm talking to this guy rn 'just to be nice'