The Definition of Love

The Definition of Love

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Laura hits his hand away since he was giving her chills as his skin softly brushed against hers. "There isn't an 'us', asshole." She tells him, sternly.

"Of course, there is." He says as his eyes flicker to her lips before going back to her eyes. "We're 'dating', remember?"

"Not really, idiot."

Ross leans down close to Laura's face, causing him to press down more closely against her. He rests his elbows on either side of her. "Wow, stupid, asshole, ugly, disgusting, creep, and idiot. Six amazing names in one day."  

Laura smiles sarcastically up at him while he hovered over her, his hot minty breath smothering her skin. "And more to come."

He smirks, crashing his lips onto hers.
Ross Lynch is your average 18 year old boy: goes to school, likes girls, and plays on the varsity football team.

High school hasn't been that great for him in the past three years, considering his mysterious past, but now, things have taken an sudden turn.

Dylan Dollasin, childhood friend and rival, has consistently bullied Ross throughout his life. One day, Dylan makes a change, questioning Ross's sexuality.  And being the average male, Ross takes it into offense and panics, telling Dylan that he DOES have a girlfriend.

Uh, yeah... Huge lie.

Laura Marano, bullied by Ross in her younger years, then runs into him in the hallway.  

The two are thrown together in the maelstrom and have to pretend they are dating.  If failed, many untold secrets and lies will be dug up to come back to ruin them both.

With the terrible past relationships, the secrets, the competition, and the big fat lie, Ross and Laura end up on their way to find their definition of love.

Find out what happens in my story of school, parties, fights, drama, and love. 

(POVs switch sometimes, but mostly third person)

AllAboutRaura (Maia Lee Sang)

xshory xshory Nov 16, 2016
I always hate when it says something like '"I'm not lying.." I lie' like the irony in the situation hurts 😂
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Boi I'm reading this whole story again even though it hasn't ended yet. Such a good story❤❤
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Even though this book hasn't ended... I'm reading it again ❤️ such a great book
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I got the notification you updated chapter 22 but it brings me right back to here!
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Guess what?? I freaking love this story already!!! :D  Can't wait for the next update!!  You are rossome!!! Love ya! ;D