The Brothers Hunger (Menage MFM Vampire, Student/Teacher Romance)

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LookinLady By LookinLady Updated a year ago
Nova loves her life. She still mourns the parents she lost at 6, but she is happy living with her grandparents. But her life is tipped upside down when the Fletcher brothers start teaching at her school. One of them looks just like a boy she knew 10 years ago, but he barly looks a couple years older. The brothers instanly recognise Nova as their soul mate and will do whatever it takes to make her thiers.
    But 16 year old Nova id reluctant to start a relationship with them. Not only are there 2 of them but they are her teachers. 
    But they will not let her go. Their inner beasts won't let them. On top of all this they're vampiers and they crave her blood. Also turns out the brothers aren't the only ones who want Nova and her blood.
    [A/N] Just to make this clear; this is NOT a love triangle, the brothers can feel what eachother feel and she is both of their mates. They basically want to share her.
Actually, in this instance, the writer used correct grammar.
I understand that you are the "infamous editor" but you're also extremely annoying.
i recently got attached this novel, i rarely ask this cause its annoying but plzzzzzz update
...getting on the bed, pulling her onto his lap and easily.... - list of 3+ events therefore use commas  
                                    *** Grammatically your story switches between past and present tense. Example: said vs getting.
...rushed to the young girls's side. She was....
                                    Incorrect apostrophe use - girl is singular.  
                                    Added period - run on sentence
Its the same as how a lot of American's think Canadians live in igloos and ride polar bears...