The Captive (First Book in the Neverland Bound Series)

The Captive (First Book in the Neverland Bound Series)

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Skeeter By BeInspiring1999 Completed

"Davis, take her to the cage."  Pan then turns and strides away.

"Yes, sir," Davis replies while smirking at me.  Despite my protests, he roughly grabs my arm and hauls me away from the group of boys and into the surrounding forest.  I wait until I'm sure we are out of earshot before I make my move.  I stamp on his foot hard.  He winces and loosens his grip just enough for me to break free.  I then kick him in his midsection causing him to lose his balance and snatch his spear away.  I use the blade to slice the ropes binding my wrists and before Davis has time to call for help, I knock him out with one swing of the weapon.  His unconscious form slumps to the ground and lays motionless at my feet.  I grimace.  He's going to have a huge lump on his head when he comes around.  

"Sorry Davis," I whisper and I take off into the woods.  Peter Pan brought me to Neverland for a reason, but he's forgotten one very important detail.  

I've been here before.

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bitchofbts bitchofbts Jan 02
Omgg i don't know why, but i really liked those words😂🖤
exujeme_chim exujeme_chim Apr 09, 2016
Pirates of the carribean theme song comes on 💣🙌🏻🙌🏻😂😂
_bechayes_ _bechayes_ Feb 19, 2016
                              ONWARD, TO THE NEXT CHAPTER!
TheCrustyShack TheCrustyShack Nov 30, 2016
There's a boy in my class and he looks exactly like Robbie kay😍
xDiminie xDiminie Nov 24, 2016
I have a really attractive british boy in my class and he always calls me love and omgg....😍😍
OurFragment OurFragment Jan 13, 2016
Wow, she has guts to hit Davis and escape, and what she means she been to Neverland before?