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Alison Baird By AlisonBaird Completed

Dear readers: The House of the Wolf has now been on Wattpad for some time, and I will be taking it down soon in order to put the finishing touches on the final draft.

My next move will be to put the final draft on the Radish Fiction app.  For those of you who have begun reading the story here, but have not finished yet, it will still be free on the app.  In addition to the final edits there will also be bonus material, including new and expanded scenes, plus one whole extra chapter.  I plan to put a print edition of the book on Amazon eventually, with a digital version on Kindle.  (There will also be a small amount of bonus content that is exclusive to the print edition.)

I'd like to thank everyone for reading, for voting, and especially for commenting.  I have considered many of your comments as I put together the final draft.  There will be some changes; among other things, the names of some characters will be different in the final version.  (Some of you didn't care for Etienne's name, and after a while I too decided that it really didn't fit him very well.)  But the characters themselves, and the main story, will be the same.  

If you are wondering about the sequel, it is still in the works despite a number of setbacks last year (don't ask!) and will also appear on Radish, possibly as a "freemium" (meaning each chapter will be free for all to read after a brief exclusive period).

Thanks again for your views, your comments, your votes and your follows!  I will be putting more content here on Wattpad very soon, which I hope you will enjoy.

Update: Taking this version down to make way for the retooled version.  This may take a while, but if you haven't finished reading it will be on Radish, then Wattpad again before long...

Alison Baird

JeSuis_Zohe JeSuis_Zohe Feb 01
How could you possibly be foolish enough to even think that he'd let you go so easily
AshaWheeler AshaWheeler Mar 31, 2015
@AlisonBaird I love how you blend fact and fiction. You make it all sounds so plausible, as if its fact hidden as fiction.
AshaWheeler AshaWheeler Mar 31, 2015
@dtwo65 everyone has their moments of stupidity, unfortunately it can happen at the worst time.
mfoxee6 mfoxee6 Mar 22, 2015
How dumb can this girl be how could you let this guy take you away from Everyone and expect good to come from it not smart at all.
dtwo65 dtwo65 Feb 08, 2015
In the last two chapters she has become really stupid, other than that I have really enjoyed this so far
PennyZee PennyZee Jul 04, 2014
Highest regards to a wonderful writer! Your ability to blend and weave your words and imagination are fantastic.