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A new novel of werewolves, mystery and romance.

In the high arctic a white wolf journeys across the tundra, seeking the lands of the south where humans live.  He longs to learn whether the old tales of kinship between his species and theirs are true, and he will risk any danger to find out.

Meanwhile, eighteen-year-old Chantal Boisvert travels northward into the province of Quebec, seeking out her own roots.  She is eager to meet with her late father's family, and at first they seem to welcome her.  But why do they seem so secretive?  Where do they go when they vanish into the woods?  Could it really be true that the Boisverts are Loups Garous -- werewolves?


DEAR READERS: thank you for all your comments, votes, and feedback. Thanks especially to all those who have asked for a sequel to this story.  I have now met with my editor and we have begun work on a second book, to be called The Way of the Wolf.  I have added a sneak preview of the first draft to the end of House of the Wolf, which you can check out if you are interested.  Over the coming months more will follow (hopefully at a reasonable pace!) as the work proceeds.   As always, feedback is welcome. - A.B.

SkyRoadBooks SkyRoadBooks Aug 20, 2016
Stark Foaming Mad...that is a beautiful way to phrase it. So appropriate for the wolves.
I hate when people kill animals but animal on animal is even worse
jy003m2w jy003m2w Jul 13, 2016
The fish were introduced by birds and other animals. Birds land in waters with fish eggs, which the get stuck to their feet, feathers, or beaks. Then the birds land in another body of water and the eggs come off.
xjenjen111x xjenjen111x Aug 10, 2016
You don't really need to know French to translate this. It is quite simple to infer and translate.
pure98 pure98 Feb 25, 2016
Im sooo used to seeing bad cliche wolf books that this one took me by a suprise...great work.....i love the connotation and denotation.
- - Aug 07, 2016
it's so funny because I know Spanish and because of that it helps me translate French? as well as Italian most of the time. it's weird.