frank iero's little sister // g.w.

frank iero's little sister // g.w.

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Daisy Iero is Frank Iero's little sister. 

She's a normal teenager until something happens with Gerard Way, her brother's best friend. 

(First book in "Frank Iero's Little Sister" series.)

Somebody stole Frank's radio and now they just sit in silence...
sloth_torie sloth_torie Oct 03
I don't have it but I think I have aspects maybe. My mom had it though for years
I can only have a 'me and you day' with the my oldest brother. My other brother and I are too different, yet we're so much alike, it's just awkward.
GayClique GayClique Jul 18
EHM Gerard is the sass queen so daisy should be the sass king instead
I feel like this is said in an enthusiastically sarcastic voice because same
I can't handle it when people say "did my business" because I'm such a child so I see people going to the bathroom while they have a office desk and they're in a suit and they're typing really fast and they're stressed idek but it's so funny to me