Not Exactly a Horror Story

Not Exactly a Horror Story

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Flaming Trash By punktarts Updated Dec 07, 2015

When a shy blogger stumbles into an abandoned amusement park, you'd probably expect her to be eaten by a clown, or some other freaky thing you find at an abandoned amusement park. 

But guess what? This isn't exactly a horror story.

Arissa Jones finds a teenage orphan boy, a year older than herself, and offers him a place to stay. Of course, her parents don't know about this boy, they'd freak if they did. I mean, what parent would want a guy in their daughter's bedroom? Thankfully, Arissa's parents are not usually not home, but it's still hard to hide a person. 

Arissa feeds him, clothes him, teaches him how to read, about music, the latest fashions, and how to think like a blogger (Uh Oh). 

But how long can she keep this secret? Also, how long can you keep a boy hidden in your room without... things happening?

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- - Nov 04, 2014
hate to be a huge critique, but i think you meant allowed as in 'allowed', not 'aloud', right? like i said before, this is super good. 
- - Nov 04, 2014
dude. this story is amazing so far. prob'ly going to add it to my library. i have a lot of high standards for good books; and yours meets all of them. very well done, kid. can't wait to see what comes up next! (: