Two For Tina - A Desperate Times Novel (SPG - ON HOLD)

Two For Tina - A Desperate Times Novel (SPG - ON HOLD)

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Uno Maricon By UnoMaricon Updated Jan 04, 2015

Straight Erotic Romance MFM Novel

What readers are saying about TFT...

" by far one of the hottest (if not the hottest of all I've read)... without seemingly appearing as bastos or offending..."

"...I have read a lot of r-rated stuff. but this... sends 'em all the way home. grabe. natunaw utak ko. swear."

"I am so close to getting a pen and a paper and just take down notes of the things na natutunan ko dito. hahaha."

"...story is very informative, very bold and brave. it is so unlike the rest which harbors sa patweetums palagi or sensual nga pero too formal or too safe. yours is liberated. like celebrating modern men and women. and those in between.""this is not just hot, it is somewhat educational din! love it."

"mature themed story...hindi tipikal... more adventurous kasi that really helps in real life din. life is not always about fairy tales and falling in love with prince charming.  life should also be bold and daring and one should be open to explore... we need more stories like this..."

"matindi! di nga ako nagkamali na ibang klase to sa ibang novels dito..."

"...actually this one is unique in every possble way... they will think na this is just the same as what they had read but actually again (hehe) may ibang timpla...

"...yung ibang story kapag nasa gitnang part na which is mostly kiligan na, na-o-over power na ng kiligan yung matured scenes...nakakalimutan na... yng forte ng story... madali ng mahulaan yung susunod. but in this story, nananatili yung init at the same time yung ibang klaseng kilig."

"...sana marami pa ang makabasa nito at sana makita rin nila kung anong nakita kong unique dito...""natunaw yung utak ko. di ko kinakaya tooooo. omg naman. haha shemaiii. palitan ng panunukso at pagkontrol..."

"...yung iba kasi sobrang stereotypical and sobrang passe na kumbaga. but this one is bold and brave... and it actually has a story..."

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