The Thieves of Otar

The Thieves of Otar

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L. N. By AnnabethC Completed

"How did you find this place?" Zia asked the King, speaking for the first time since entering the tent.

"I've been searching for the location of your Headquarters for months- years, really." Donathan admitted. "We only found it when we got wind that two new recruits would be coming here today. My men tailed them here this morning and sent for me as soon as they were certain of the location."

The tent was silent. Finally Arch said thoughtfully, "You say you come to negotiate?" 

The King nodded. 

"Very well, then," Arch said, "I will oblige. If I do answer your plea, can I insure that this camp and all those who live in it will remain protected and untouched?"

Donathan nodded thoughtfully. "Yes, I believe you can."

"And," he went on, "can I trust that this place will remain secret to the outside world?"

"My men are sworn into secrecy," the King assured him.

Arch fell silent once again. This quiet seemed to last longer than all the others. Zia wanted to know what he would say, and His Highness and Jay appeared to be in the same boat.

"Very well, then," Arch said, stretching forth his hand for the King to shake. "When shall we sort out the details?"

Cover made by the incredibly talented @italychick

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random0089 random0089 Jan 04
Hey i like the story so far and Don't want to seem rude when i i say you over used pain in the first few paragraphs perhaps you could change it up e.g torturous process or escape the agony
TheOfficialZamZam TheOfficialZamZam Oct 31, 2017
There r tears in my eyes. Pretty sure it’s because of period whoremones
TotallyDapper TotallyDapper Sep 07, 2017
You tell him he's a fat lump!
                              Then run like you're being chased by the devil himself.
                              Because you are.
                              ...I will wait over here.
znerolcirde znerolcirde Nov 17, 2017
Try reading it in a Chinese accent. I bet you gonna love it even more.
AlexaHT AlexaHT Sep 10, 2017
She sounds to mature for six years old! It would make sense if she was at least around 12 but at six your parents are still heroes! You just want to be loved and that's it. So she should say that she hope her dad will be happy etc.
duchessdome duchessdome Jul 09, 2017
How about I pull the chair from beneath you and then we'll see if you can pull your own weight, you big oaf!