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The Thieves of Otar

The Thieves of Otar

59.7K Reads 4.5K Votes 40 Part Story
L. L. Newitt By AnnabethC Completed

When six-year-old Zia's life is saved from her abusive father by a poor farmer, her life takes a wild turn. Her father faces a trial and is condemned to death, but just as the executioner is about to end his life, he slips away. Now, twelve years later, Zia is still haunted by the thought of her father coming back to hurt her.

Cover made by the incredibly talented @italychick

Don't cuts sting a lot when they're wet? How would that make it worse when they dried?
I love it so far but her being a six year old able to do all these things is a bit unrealistic, great start tho 😃
Wait, where'd the carrots come from? I thought potatoes was all they had? Four potatoes among two people ain't too bad, actually but how small were they? Fist sized?
ForbiddenKyoto ForbiddenKyoto Apr 09, 2016
Her father is a monster! Oh.. Hang on Zia. Help is on the way.
How does she reach the counter? Does she stand on a box, a stool? The counter would most likely be adult height so how does she reach?
Mystery meat makes me think of American cafeterias, maybe just chunks of meat would do. And where does she keep the meat? I'm guessing this is kind of an olden days setting so I doubt they'd have a fridge. What kind of house do they live in?