May and Drew

May and Drew

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Hey, I'm May. You know, the "Princess of Hoenn"? Well, a lot of people call me that. I'm a top coordinator in my home region (so probably you know that I'm from Hoenn). I'm 15 now, about to turn 16 in a couple more weeks.

Anyway... I have a weird warmth spread over me when I hear the name "Drew". It's interesting what a rivalry can do. During the time I was going for contests in Hoenn, I always thought that Drew and I were rivals and at the most, friends. But over the years, I've seen the world a little more than back in my starter days. And I've thought about maybe.... just maybe... Drew and I were..... you know.... more than friends. You catch my drift, right?

I always wondered what were all those roses Drew gave me. He said it was for my "Beautifly", but after a couple of incidents with the roses, I've come to realize the "Beautifly" was actually me. And as you probably know, Beautifly is a beautiful, yet gentle and powerful Pokémon. So I guess I was more than a friend in Drew's e...

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Weird totally not author being like I SHIP IT TO MUCH THE NEED TO BE NEAR EACHOTHER