State of Decay

State of Decay

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A novelization of the video game State of Decay.

Marcus Campbell and Ed Jones have been best friends for nearly two decades now. They live their lives of boring office jobs, fast food, and video games in the big city, but once a year, every year, they completely isolate themselves deep in the woods for two weeks. Their goal: total relaxation. Fishing, camping, drinking. Nothing but the two of them and a lot of good times.

Their choice location is Trumbull Valley, home to three small towns and a lot of beautiful countryside. As they're wrapping up the latest vacation, they run into a true anomaly: a man in ripped and bloodied clothing, apparently insane, who is intent on taking a bite out of them. Unfortunately, it seems that this man was no anomaly.

Roughly ninety nine percent of all the residents in Trumbull Valley are equally insane and craving fresh human flesh. Now, with a handful of unstable and unlikely survivors, Marcus and Ed must do whatever it takes to stay alive within the valley, because it seems that the military has instituted a quarantine, and they won't be letting them out anytime soon...

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