The Elite

The Elite

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ForeverYoung0810 By ForeverYoung0810 Updated Sep 29, 2015

She's the best. Given the white robes at a young age. She is a hunter to be reckoned with. She can kill with a shifter with bare hands and feeds off their blood and death. She could make a pack of rogues run away in fear. Her white hair made her unforgettable and allowed her to blend well in the night. 

She's known as the Grim Reaper assassin. She was a hunter known not only in the hunter community, but also in the shifter community.

And when Nevah Thomas goes on, what seemed to be, a regular assassination soon turned out to be something  more. Something that allows her to find what she never even thought of looking for. True love. A soul mate. A mate who turns out to Alpha?

Chessa_Cat Chessa_Cat Aug 28
I laughed so hard at mongoose like I know what it is but the name totally threw me off.
calmwolf calmwolf Dec 01
Lol I red I never have one
                              Then I realized it didn't make sense and rereader it
anasfeather anasfeather Jul 17
She's over here being given the robes of the white assassins at twelve and I'm over here just like..................nope...bye... Hi McDonald's...
I know everyone is laughing at the mongoose but like... Those thinks will kick your ass
Just searched up what a mongoose is and FYI they can eat snakes!! FREAKING SNAKES!! Even the poisonous kind of snakes!!I wouldn't be laughing if I were you or if I came across a mongoose :) just so you know
FaithLG12 FaithLG12 Mar 15
                              NEVAH GONNA LET YOU DOWN!
                              NEVAH GONNA TURN AROUND AND DESERT YOU!
                              Dont ask why...