"Fate" a Yatori Fanfic

"Fate" a Yatori Fanfic

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チキンナゲット By mintochipz Completed

Hiyori has always been a part of Yato's life, 

but Yato suddenly found out that Hiyori is going to college soon.

 It is then that Yato sees her differently. 

Yato wants to make the next year hiyori's best. 

Will the two find love in that limited amount of time?

{Illustrations by Pixiv User: ゆゆ

member ID: 1308504 }

FoxWhisker2 FoxWhisker2 Aug 08
Yato: Hey Yukine, Hiyori gave me this weird nickname.
                              Yukine: what is it?
                              Yato: :eye twitch: Friend.
FoxWhisker2 FoxWhisker2 Aug 08
Hiyori goes to college to get more knowledge. Yato goes to Jupiter to get more stupider.
kacchxn kacchxn Jul 10, 2016
Yaa know. I imagined a 5 year old saying this.
                              KAWAIIII 💜!!!! X33