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"Fate" a Yatori Fanfic

"Fate" a Yatori Fanfic

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チキンナゲット By mintochipz Completed

Hiyori has always been a part of Yato's life, 

but Yato suddenly found out that Hiyori is going to college soon.

 It is then that Yato sees her differently. 

Yato wants to make the next year hiyori's best. 

Will the two find love in that limited amount of time?

{Illustrations by Pixiv User: ゆゆ

member ID: 1308504 }

fluffy-- fluffy-- Mar 27
"Yato.." the played with her thumbs and swayed to and fro. "I'm.." Yato nodded his head, indicating her to go on. "I'm.. I'm pregnant!" 
                              Their jaws dropped. "A-And you're the father, Y-Yato!" And if possible, their jaws fell to the ground.
                              lmao whyy
Yukine wakes up and tells Yato "Let's go back I'm tired"
                              They go out of Hiyori's house.
                              Yato will think for the rest of his life about what could happen.
Yeah.... Ummmm.... Not many people have.... Ummm..... Pink... Eyes?
So you just NOW wake up!? You were pushed off the flipping couch!
katniss1490 katniss1490 Feb 13
*deap breath in* OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *ahem* that was the calmest possible outcome. I don't want anyone caught up in the mess I call my fangirling.