"Fate" a Yatori Fanfic

"Fate" a Yatori Fanfic

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チキンナゲット By potato_life Completed

Hiyori has always been a part of Yato's life, 

but Yato suddenly found out that Hiyori is going to college soon.

 It is then that Yato sees her differently. 

Yato wants to make the next year hiyori's best. 

Will the two find love in that limited amount of time?

{Illustrations by Pixiv User: ゆゆ

member ID: 1308504 }

StrawberryThing StrawberryThing 2 days ago
Did he not wake up when he was harshly shoved off the couch??
Ohhhhhh Hiyoriiiiii , you have a crush don't youuuuuu 😏😏😏😏😏😏
Dat face dou when she thinks of bishas and yatys indirect kiss I was drinking hot coco so when I saw it I spat it on my computer.
Shouldn't they be celebrating that she was accepted by a college as well xDD
                              Dicks & ice cream :)
                              Maybe some dildos too.
                              Whatever you interests are :)
                              *cries in corner and looks at picture*
                              I'll miss you Hiyori...... ;-;