By Chance (TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios)

By Chance (TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios)

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Ray_Here By TMNT_LOVER526 Updated Aug 20

Boyfriend Scenarios for TMNT
Hope you like it.

Expect to spit out your cereal and blow milk out of your nose. 



Dang Kraang
                              Back at it again
                              With the rapist white vans
For A/N what should really be used would be Y/N (your name) because that is the one most commonly used and understood
DerpyWolf11 DerpyWolf11 May 20
Actually, I have that ringtone in reality!
                              😂😂 no joke!
HoodedDaPoison HoodedDaPoison Dec 06, 2015
I don't want to make any of this sound like I know better at stories then anyone because trust me, in dumb asf!
                              Look all I want to say is that all these stories seemed rushed....all I'm saying is slow it down and add more descriptive words......…...that's all....
Zzq8830 Zzq8830 Oct 04, 2015
No offence but that sounds nothing like Donnie. Again no offence. You are really doing awsome I love it so far! But Donnie is dorkie not mr.smooth. (Sometimes he becomes smooth Donatello.) also. Why would he take MAI robot? It wasn't broken! #pouty face.
Sollux_Captor_II Sollux_Captor_II Sep 05, 2015
so he just steals my robot, leaves a note everything is fine? I should do that to