Five Nights At Freddys: The Murders, The Bite and the New Job

Five Nights At Freddys: The Murders, The Bite and the New Job

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UnlinkedCoyote By UnlinkedCoyote Updated Sep 27, 2016

1985, 5 children where reportedly missing Sarah Smith, Oliver Murphy, Bella McCormick, Haden King and Mike Schmidt.
One of them returned the others never did and a resumed Dead. Mike was horrified to find out about his only friends deaths.

Two years later, 1987, Mike is spending his 7th Birthday at Freddys, everything was great until Foxy bit him, or what is know as the bite of '87

Mike can't remember anything of the bite clearly, only being bitten and awakening in hospital, near the edge of bankruptcy he has no other choice then to take the night job of being the Night guard of Freddy Fazbear Pizza expecting nothing more than just 6 boring hours sitting in a crappy office in the dark, he gets a frightening experience only for it to turn to some familiar faces, well almost faces.


Lily_The_Vaporeon Lily_The_Vaporeon Jun 24, 2016
Sorry I didn't mean to say something mean you make nice books
soundscreecher soundscreecher Jul 09, 2016
So cute! Only thing is that the costumes REALLY decided their fates.
mintmike mintmike Nov 16, 2016
I wonder what a large or even normal time would be! 30 seconds is long... XD
_EagleEyedHawk16732_ _EagleEyedHawk16732_ May 15, 2016
Vincent. Stop. Just....just stop. 
                              I can't believe the children were naïve enough to follow an animatronic that could move or talk freely or a security guard to the back room. Just...just no.
SilverHatter SilverHatter Aug 21, 2016
Funny thing is when I read the description it said Bella McCormick,I was like it's my last name 😆😬
LaTashaStafford LaTashaStafford Jul 17, 2016
... poor young Mikey... what have you gotten yourself into...