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Scars [Completed]

Scars [Completed]

69.4K Reads 2.5K Votes 20 Part Story
amateur By Aethereuss Completed

Natsu Dragneel.
He wasn't the smartest, and he makes mistakes, just like everyone else. But his stupidity leads him to hurt who was the most important person to him.
Lucy Heartfilia.
They were best friends. But now? She didn't know anymore.
Looking to train, she leaves for a mission, where something terrible happens to her. Until she was saved. By who?
Sting Eucliffe.
They venture to Sabertooth's together and become close. The games come. And guess who reunites? Fairy Tail and Lucy.
When they are put to a test of friendship and battle each other, will Lucy ever heal those invisible scars she bears?
 Rights go to Hiro Mashima, who made a world for us to enjoy. And here's my take on the most cliche, overused plot ever. Lmao. Completed March 14, 2015.

Lunar_Phoenix_Slayer Lunar_Phoenix_Slayer Jun 28, 2016
Ok now Natsu me Mira and Erza want to talk to you
                              He was never seen again
Kana12349 Kana12349 Apr 17, 2016
ahem, time to rant. WHAT THE *beep* SON OF A *beep* HOW *beep* DARE YOU!?
AngelFairyTailFan AngelFairyTailFan Apr 21, 2016
Freakin' Natsu! Can I kill you please? PLEEEEAAASSEEE JUST ONCE!!!!
ElichiiAyase ElichiiAyase Apr 04, 2016
....*DARK AURA* U SON A---
                              *karma go hold me back*
                              "Omg its just a fanfic so calm down"
                              *calms down*
iAmAMat iAmAMat Jun 23, 2016
Actually this isn't very cliche
                              At least its not one of those lisanna-edolas stories
masterhands masterhands Aug 16, 2015
She's at Sabertooth, getting ready to kick your ass to the ground