Where is Ivy Rose?

Where is Ivy Rose?

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NJ Morris By photolover1 Updated Aug 18, 2020

[[Status: On-going]]      


BOOK 2           

                             Carly Sinclaire 

The truth is out but it's not set Carly free as she is left with more questions than answers. With Ivy being the main source she can turn to, she is left to question her past and her sanity. Will she ever get the answers she seeks, or will she be left more vulnerable and broken?

                              Taylor Sharpe 

With Carly Sinclaire on the loose, newly divorced and newly promoted single mum Taylor Sharpe is about to embark on a long painful journey full of heartaches and revelations. As dark family secrets threaten to shatter her life, she is left to investigate memories that are best left forgotten.

WARNING: This story contains graphic, violent and mature scenes. Read at your own risk!