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The Forgotten Princess (Vampire Knight Fanfic)

The Forgotten Princess (Vampire Knight Fanfic)

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Naru Segawe By NaruIshikawa Updated Jun 20, 2015

The youngest twin sister of Yuki Kuran is Yumi Kuran, a quiet, beautiful and intelligent girl.
She was already forgotten by her family in such a short time. Yuki was the one they loved, while Yumi was alone and unloved. They think of Yumi that she never existed, except for Kaname. He loves Yumi dearly and he meets her in her room very often without being found by their family.
Then, Yumi's heart shattered once more when she heard that Kaname was going to marry Yuki, so she ran away and never used the name 'Kuran' since she never really existed in her family.
Years has passed, Yumi was know known as Yumi Bara, she attends the True Cross Academy, her heart almost stopped when she saw her sister and big brother. What will happen then?
Will she finally meet someone that will love her? or will she remain unloved and alone?

vitya_11 vitya_11 May 13
This scenario is VERY VERY cliche already..... l
                              Almost all the story of Yuki having a neglected sister .... she felt betrayed by the only one who loves her ....then running away.... becomes stronger and beautiful and (tihs)
brightanimegirl brightanimegirl Apr 05, 2016
I CRYED SO MUCH BECAUSE I'm so sensitive and it was sad I would have made kaname tell the truthe if I were there dam you yuki and plus I I'm 14 and I'm still the youngest I fell left out because I'm apart of a big family I LOVE IT SO MUCH 😭😭😭😭😭
lifehatesceleste lifehatesceleste Nov 29, 2016
I tried running away when I was a kid and that SHÏT WAS HARD MAN
NurulAqilah394 NurulAqilah394 Mar 06, 2016
Lol, I laughing at that words when I just read the interesting prolouge XD
stargazestalker stargazestalker Aug 22, 2015
*when he meets her again*
                              K: Yumi! I love you !!
                              Me: WTF!! Go die!!!
                              Yumi: whatever .... I don't know you... So not sorry
justyournormalotaku1 justyournormalotaku1 Aug 06, 2015
Ya best be sorry for what you did kaname...... *shakes head* Mhmhmh