The Super Saiyan Girl (Dragon Ball Z Fanfic) [EDITING]

The Super Saiyan Girl (Dragon Ball Z Fanfic) [EDITING]

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♡_Xandra_♡ By x_Alex_chan_x Updated Dec 29, 2017

As a mysterious, young man with a sword on his back stops Freiza from attacking the citizens of Earth, a silent, beautiful, young woman with striking onyx eyes and hair stands beside him. 

Super saiyans? Two more super saiyans?! Wait, wait, a girl super saiyan?!

How will the The Android arc and The Cell arc be affected by this one super saiyan girl?


  • action
  • adventure
  • androids
  • ball
  • bulma
  • cell
  • chi-chi
  • comedy
  • dbz
  • dragon
  • drama
  • gohan
  • goku
  • krillin
  • piccolo
  • romance
  • tien
  • trunks
  • vegeta
FTWLikeABoss FTWLikeABoss Mar 30, 2017
And like that, we are once again reminded of the biggest lie told in anime history
DbzMasterKake21 DbzMasterKake21 Jun 14, 2017
Good job bulma round of applause!👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌
StickMichael StickMichael Jun 21, 2017
                              That one stupid guy on youtube: WHAT THE F*** IS A SONIC!
Djcaprisun1 Djcaprisun1 Apr 02, 2017
I just wanna say you've made a really good first impression with the punctuation. Its stupid but I have horrible OCD problems with these things.
Levy-McGarden-Chan Levy-McGarden-Chan Aug 03, 2017
Sorry, but Note isn't in DBZ she's a NON-Cannon character in a video game called "Dragon Ball Heroes."
JaneValentine007 JaneValentine007 Aug 11, 2017
Yamcha, go back to your usual stuff, everyone knows that you always die lol. Funny that we have an action figure of a face-down, dead Yamcha. XD