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The Alphas Baby Girl

The Alphas Baby Girl

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Jazzy By jazzyboo226 Completed

He kissed my head and smiled down at me. I couldn't help but smile back and kiss his bare chest. This moment was perfect, and I didn't ever want to leave it. 
"What's your name, my dearest mate?" He asked in his husky voice.
"Rosemary, but everyone just calls me Rose. And yours my handsome mate?" I asked sweetly.
"Baine. You have a beautiful name my sweet Rose." 
"Thank you, I love your name as well."
He kissed me softly and before the kiss could deepen, he stiffened. Proof that he was mind linking with a pack member. His expression went hard and he looked down and me sadly. I knew what it meant, but I didn't want to face it.
"I have to go, I'm sorry." He said as he got up and dressed quickly.
"What do you mean? Why? Do I at least get a number or something?" I asked panicked, trying to hide my hurt.
"I'm sorry.... Goodbye...." that's all he said before slipping out the door and disappearing for possibly ever....

16Amina 16Amina May 10, 2016
Great spry so far there are mistakes here and there but normal☺
Well at least he didn't just leave her like an idiot and say idc and go
Aliss4444 Aliss4444 Jan 12
Ok I'm just going to say that people who have red hair are generally not very tan
RavenClawsAreBetter RavenClawsAreBetter Apr 13, 2016
That's my last and middle name. The funny thing is Rose is my Grandma's name too
PierceTheOliSykes PierceTheOliSykes Dec 24, 2015
Hahahahahaaaaa sounds like Kellin Quinn but built and tall hahahaha but I'm like 6'2 XD and I'm 15(+a girl)
GroupOfSeven GroupOfSeven Nov 16, 2015
There's always some sort of special power or magical involved -_-